Hello Everyone,

Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving, I ALWAYS want to help members be the best they can be, I am offering a FREE barrel racing and pole clinic put on by Holly and Megan Calhoun. But they can only accept 10 kids. It is Dec 17 at Bartow Arena, All other info is on the flyer I am sending you. Lunch will also be provided. If you need anymore info call me asap, Like I said they can only take 10 kids, I will take phone call entries starting tonight till sunday. at  If I get a lot called in I will draw out of a hat for the 10.​ 


EVERYONE must be in Western Attire to enter the arena. NO Exceptions!
If you are not in Western Attire, You will NOT compete 

Western Attire consists of Jean Pants, Boots, Cowboy Hat and Button  Down Long Sleeve Shirt. If you have any questions about the attire, please contact Lynn or Michael Matthews.

*Next Rodeo*

January 28th


Concession Stand Saturday nights

Rodeo starts on Saturday at 3:00pm

​Slack is Friday at 5:00pm